Christmas without Mariah


Have you ever wondered what Christmas would be like without Mariah Carey? I don’t like to. It seems wrong to even consider the month of December without her. Mariah is a true friend and has been since her first Christmas album in 1994. 

Like all good friends, she has been there as you navigate shopping centres and car parks and awkward work gatherings that you only attend because the drinks are free. If things get awkward, at least you know you can sing all the lyrics and vocal scats of “All I Want for Christmas is You” . That song is a crowd pleaser, or at the very least, is enough to distract people while you finish your drink and make a run for it. 

But this December, I wanted to listen to something a little different. I think Mariah and I need some time apart. At least until next year. 

So here’s my Christmas carols playlist: Christmas without Mariah. 

Written / Compiled by Laura Robertson - Ps check out Laura's blog below