How to Make A Scented Soy Christmas Candle

DIY - How To Make A Soy Christmas Scented Candle: If you are in desperate need of a last minute gift idea, look no further I have the perfect solution for you! What better way is there to say “Merry Christmas!” than with a Christmas scented candle. For those who are not really a creative at heart, no need to fret this DIY gift idea is quick, simple and easy! You may just have all your friends and family relatives knocking on your door demanding to know your little secret...

You will need:

  • Containers; Any old glass, ceramic or metal container that you think will look pretty lit up.

  • Soy wax flakes; I use the golden wax from Aussie Candle supplies, but there are plenty of options online.

  • Fragrances: I also purchase these from Aussie candle supplies - there are some wonderful Christmassy flavours like gingerbread, pine, sandalwood, vanilla cookies, cinnamon and peppermint.

  • Wicks; the wick width is determined by the width of your container.

  • Sticky dots or a hot glue gun

  • A small and big saucepan

  • Candy thermometer

  • Wooden spoon

  • Chopsticks/paddle pop sticks/wick holders

  • Old newspaper or something to cover your bench (it can get a little messy)

The Directions:

Step 1: Ensure your containers are clean and dry.

Step 2: Attach a sticky dot or hot glue to the bottom of each wick and position it in the centre of your container - make sure they are secure.

Step 3: Fill the big saucepan halfway with water. Put your wax in the smaller saucepan, then place it in the big saucepan. (This is called a double boiler and stops the wax heating too quickly)

Step 4: Slowly stir your wax and heat it in the double boiler over medium heat. Continue gently stirring until all the wax melts and reaches 85 degrees Celsius.  This takes patience and can take a while. Put on some carols to help you pass time while you do it!

Step 5: Take the saucepans off the heat, then take the smaller saucepan out of the larger saucepan. Let your wax cool to 70 degrees, and add your fragrance oil. (Note: the bottle will say 4-10% or something similar; this is the percentage of oil used to quantity of wax. I usually go closer to 10% for maximum effect!)

Step 6: Allow the wax to cool to 60 degrees and it's nearly time to pour! Spread out some newspaper - it's about to get messy! Use paddle pop sticks/pencils/chopsticks/or fancy wick holders to keep your wick in place and go ahead and pour away as gently as possible.

Step 7: Leave your candles undisturbed until they are fully set (they can take an hour to overnight to set, depending on the size).

Step 8: Trim your wicks to a normal candle length - your candle is now ready for wrapping!

Written by Claire Smith

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