Memories of a White Christmas...


“Nathan!” I yelled from the door to our house, as I stuck my head out watching the snowstorm in full force now.
“Nathan come check this out!” I called again.

“How much is out there now!” Nathan replied in an excited state, as if waiting to hear a winning lottery number being announced.

“At least up past my knees!” I said, with all the accuracy of a 10 year old kid who estimates every snowfall in relation to how far you sink down into the fluffy stuff.

“Let’s go sledding!” Nathan replied back, starting to put on his snow pants and jacket.

When I think back to how we both would trek through the snow up that massive hill, sinking into the snow past our knees with every step, I wonder if I could do it now with as much excitement and energy 30 years later. When you’re a kid, freshly fallen snow gives you the energy and strength of superman! The first order of business was always making a few runs down the hill in the new snow to pack down a trail for the GT snow racers (The best kids sled ever built. A wonder of 1990’s engineering. Just watch this amazing commercial starring the once great hockey superstar Brett Hull!

After a few runs the course was packed and each run got faster and faster. Finally it was time to build a jump! “Nathan come help me!” I shouted, as he raced by turning and flipping off his GT snow racer into the soft snow. We started to pile up the snow with our arms and legs using our whole body as a snow plow pushing the snow into a huge pile. Next, we packed and smoothed it out into a ramp and used the GT snow racer to pack it into the final product. A first class jump that would send us shooting to the moon!

We both ran back up the hill and got ready to race down towards our newly built jump.  Nathan went first and as he hit the jump his GT sled stopped, sending him flying up over the top and boom...back first into the snow. Determined to bring my sled for the ride with me through the air, I made the decision to hold the steering wheel as tight as possible. As I hit the jump I could feel myself being launched up. I gripped the wheel and soon both me and the GT snow racer were flying high through the air. Soon after, I landed in a puff of white snow and rolled safely away from the sled, coming to a stop.

“Again!” we both screamed, running back up the hill dragging the sleds behind us.

You really become aware of how quickly time passes when you reminisce about events from your childhood. As I write this Christmas memory to share with you all, I am reminded of my favourite Christmas movie of all time; A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I love the old technicolor version starring the late Alastair Sims. I have watched this movie every Christmas since I was about 13 years old.

My favourite part is near the end when Scrooge (after being given a second chance and filled with joy), runs out to his nephew to whom he had held a grudge ever since his sister died giving birth to him. Scrooge was a changed man as he came into their Christmas party for the first time ever. The best line of the movie comes from Scrooge himself...As he enters the party his nephew and all his guests stop dancing and stand, staring at Scrooge in silent shock. Scrooge then says... “Can you forgive a pig-headed old fool, with no eyes to see with and no ears to hear with, all these years?”... to which they embrace and all is forgiven!

Christmas is a time of joy and hope. A time where people can start again, forgive and be forgiven. It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and the hope that came into the world. A hope that brought a peace that we can all share and have in our hearts today. It is through Him that we have the ability to truly love our fellow man. I hope your Christmas this year is filled with the peace of Jesus Christ - whose love transcends every situation in our lives. In the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless us, everyone”!

Written by Jason Kleinig