Soul Café

The Servant Heart Soul Café is a local and non-for profit organisation who works to help meet the needs of people in the local community. Through the generosity of financial sponsorship from local businesses, private members and their own fundraising endeavors - Soul Café provides free meals, medical consultations, legal aid and accommodation assistance to anyone in need.

Soul Café is certainly making a big difference in the lives of many people in our local community. They are incredibly unique as their desire is to not only serve a meal or meet a need, but to lift those who are less fortunate into a better lifestyle. Through helping individuals to work through their personal issues, Soul Café also helps each individual to re-engage into society.

Soul Café is simply the epitome of what it means to put another before oneself. They capture what it means to be servant-hearted by putting love, mercy and grace into action. A light in our community they truly are! Thank you so much for all you do Soul Café!

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