The 5 Best Reasons For Getting To Carols Early

With Carols by the Beach just a few days away, let's take a look at a few of the reasons why getting yourself to Empire Park early is in your best interest.

Reason 1: Parking

One major advantage of getting to Empire Park early is to nab a great parking spot. There's plenty of parking around the location but, once things get underway, they fill up fast! Get yourself a close park and enjoy having the best choice for your picnic blanket set-up too. Another bonus advantage is that you can leave quickly once the event has finished and get those younger ones home and tucked in bed ASAP!

Reason 2: Anzac Walk


The Anzac Walk is one of Newcastle's most iconic sites, offering amazing views over the city and the ocean. The start of the southern end of the track is just a short two minutes walk up the road from Empire Park. The walk ventures up and over the cliffs and finishes up at Strzelecki Lookout. So why not take in some of the amazing views and scenery that Newcastle has to offer. All while you wait for the carols to start!

Reason 3: Bar Beach

Opposite Empire Park is Bar Beach, perfect for stretching out on the sand and relaxing or playing in the waves. Head on over to catch some sun and relax before the carols begin. It’s Summer in Australia after all, so make the most of it.

Reason 4: Empire Park Skate Bowl

Do you love to skate? Do you want to get out some of your kid's energy before the night begins? Empire Park has an amazing skate park and bowl, free to use for the community. The skate park is located on the south-east side of Empire Park, adjacent to the road. Here you’ll find plenty of reasons to dust off your knee guards or simply watch and wonder why you were never gifted with the same talents of Tony Hawk.

Reason 5: Merewether Baths


Jump on over to the coast side of the road and go for a 10 min walk south along some of Newcastle's finest beaches and you'll find yourself at the Merewether Baths. Their gentle waters are perfect for an evening swim. Do a few laps to make room for the calorie intake of soft cheeses or simply take the children down to the toddler pool to cool them down before the festivities begin.

We can't wait to host you this weekend, see you at Carols by the Beach!

Written by Ben Graham

Photos by Nick Oldham